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Be in control of your sound with the diverse assortment of Ernie Ball volume pedals. A performance must-have, a volume pedal allows you to control the level of sound coming out of your amp using only your foot. A staple on any pedalboard, volume pedals come in handy when you need to adjust the sound between a high energy song and a ballad during a set. Volume pedals are the third musketeer to your guitar and amplifier.

Ernie Ball specializes in volume pedals, not distortion, delay, overdrive or other types of guitar effects pedals. While they may not allow you to distort the sound of your music, these volume pedals make sure that your audience can hear your music loud and clear. Ernie Ball offers four distinct classes of volume pedals, the Most Valuable Pedal, vp junior, the Mono Volume Pedal, and Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal.

The first and "most valuable" is the MVP Pedal that features a minimum volume control that allows for the heel position to be set at zero up to 50% for any rhythm level. Gain control allows for the toe position to be set at 100% up to a boosted 20+ decibels of gain for powerful lead levels. This guitar pedal works with both active and passive audio signals. It can be powered by a 9V battery or 100mA minimum power supply (not included.)

The VP Jr. 25k and VP Jr. 250k both feature a durable, space efficient design that gives you more floor space. Both models` main pivot shafts are of centerless ground 1/2' diameter stainless steel, precision seated though nylon bushings at both ends. A tuner output provides silent tuning in the heel-down pedal position. A resilient Kevlar cable transmits pedal travel to the controls and is attached by stainless steel springs. The VP Jr. 250k also features a micro taper switch which provides the user two distinct volume swell rates.

Next, the 250k Mono Volume Pedal and 250k Mono Volume Pedal with Switch feature a taper switch behind the jack area under the footplate which provides the user two distinct volume swell rates. The large center shaft diameter, in addition the strength factor, creates a broader stress bearing surface. The Mono Volume Pedal with Switch features an additional switch. Attached to the footplate is an on/off switch connected to the jack labeled "Switch". This is an isolated circuit and may be used for controlling other gear in your system like amp channel switching, effects bypass, etc.

Last, but not least, the Stereo Volume Pedals. The 500k Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal has a 500k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of passive or active instruments. Attached to the footplate is a switch that provides the user two operating modes (volume or pan). Use the A input / A output for the left channel and the B input / B output for the right channel for stereo signals. The 25k Stereo Volume Pedal is suited for active electronics and keyboards. For use as a mono volume pedal, use the A input and A output. For use with stereo cable installations using TRS type stereo plugs use the B input and B output.

Ernie Ball also has you covered for all of the spare guitar pedal parts you may need for these pedals. We make extra potentiometers for each of our volume pedals as well as cord and spring kits to repair your guitar pedals to their original state after a particularly crazy show. Ernie Ball also sells a replacement power adapter for the Most Valuable Pedal.

Find all Ernie Ball accessories at a music store near you. When you are ready to purchase, discover locations that carry Ernie Ball products with our Store Locator.

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